Hunt Exclusive engineers & Pay for result

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one monthly salary (one-time fee)

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• no contracts

• no long-term commitments

• 100% money-back guarantee


Huntd is a fast and easy solution to hire remote engineers. We provide a platform where engineers create profiles with their expectations and passively look for interesting job opportunities. As a hiring manager, you source engineers from the list and contact those who might be a good match. When talent is interested in the opportunity you offer, they share their contact & CV info. Then you’re all set to start the interview process.
We work on a “pay for result” basis. Thus you use the platform for free and pay only per successful hire.
Huntd is based on mutual trust. That’s why you as a hiring manager are responsible to report a hire on the day of job offer acceptance. You can find functionality for it in a chat with a particular candidate.
You make a SWIFT payment during 20 days after the candidate starts working.
One hire on Huntd costs one monthly salary specified on the candidate's profile (which is equal to ~8% of the annual salary). It's a one-time payment, not a regular one. Price is set at the moment of the first contact with a candidate (so it doesn’t change if the candidate updates salary in a profile). As an example, the hire of a candidate with an annual salary expectation of $96,000 will cost you $8,000.
Huntd is invitation-only for engineers. We carefully select the best engineers with high-quality past work experience around the globe.
No. We don’t force our customers to make any commitments including signing any contracts.
Zero fees for job posting!
If the candidate worked less than 60 days and left a company / got fired, we do provide a 100% refund.